Eugen Badurina | About me
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Eugen Badurina

1971, Spanish born in Venezuela

Croatian father and Austrian mother, all my life I lived traveling from one side of the world to another, drinking from many different cultures…

Since childhood I´ve been getting painting classes, which much later became private lessons until I entered at the Escola d’Art Llàcer-Sanvisens (Barcelona).

I’ve always painted, on paper, on canvas, in my mind … but it was not until recently that I decided to take to another level my passion for painting,
from a hobby to lifestyle.

My work on the canvas is the intimate and constant search, in the way of the representable, to the loss of any excess, in a continuous change.
Multitudes, nature… riots.
I’m interested in light and movement, involved in social prejudices, to undress and show them as fleeting thoughts.

The restricted color palette and quick stroke, heavy and nonconformist, use lead to a picture of memories, a walk to my childhood, from where comes the essential
question of existence and the awkward but unavoidable relationship to others.

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